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Electrotrichogenesis (ETG) Treatments

male hair loss

ETG Treatment is a medical option for those seeking a clinically proven response to continued hair loss. ETG, or electrotrichogenesis, involved the non-invasive stimulation of hair follicles on the scalp by the positive influence of an electrostatic field. A treatment, not a cure, ETG has proven to be a positive approach to alopecia androgenetica, or common baldness, in suitable candidates, both male and female.

Over the years, medical research has discovered that certain electrical frequencies stimulate healing responses in various parts of the body including soft tissue repair and bone healing. This research was employed in the development of ETG technology as a treatment for common baldness. As hair loss advances, the hair becomes progressively thinner and shorter until it reaches a dormant state and disappears completely. While the process is not fully understood, we do know that ETG treatment alters this dormant state by stimulating the follicles and inhibiting further hair loss. In many cases the stimulation goes further to promote actual regrowth.