Best Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women

Nov 15, 2020Hair Treatments

Hair shedding is a normal part of life. On average, we lose around 80 to 100 strands a day. But when hair thinning happens or bald patches appear, it is time to sound the alarm bells.

There are many reasons why you are experiencing excessive hair fall – age, genetics, stress and medical condition, to name but a few. Whatever the reason is, losing your precious locks can be frustrating and even depressing.

The thing is there is something you can do about your hair thinning or bald patches. Gone are the days when women have no choice but to watch their hair become sparser. Due to advancements in science, effective hair regrowth treatments for women are now available.

Ask a Specialist for the Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Before trying any hair regrowth product, it is imperative that you see a trichologist or dermatologist first. As mentioned earlier, excessive hair fall in women has different causes. To provide a long-term solution, its cause needs to be identified.

The most common reason for hair thinning in women is female pattern hair loss. This is a progressive condition that is characterised by a wider part, receding hairline and widespread thinning. Female pattern hair loss is not curable, but there is a medication which can promote hair growth and slow down the thinning.

Enlisting the help of a trichologist or dermatologist is also a great way of safeguarding yourself and your hair. You see, some hair regrowth products in the market have not been tested. Hence, their efficacy is questionable. Using them may even exacerbate your hair loss instead of stopping it.

As experts, these specialists know which products are effective and best for the hair loss you are experiencing. You do not have to worry about using something harmful to your hair and health.

Now, what are the best remedies out there for hair thinning or bald patches? Below are some of the commonly prescribed treatments for hair loss in women.

Clinically Proven Hair Regrowth Treatment

Specialists typically recommend a topical medication that is clinically proven to promote hair growth. They may also prescribe some medications that are likewise effective in restoring hair and preventing hair loss from worsening.

It should be noted that not everyone can use these hair regrowth products. For example, some of these medications are not recommended for pregnant women as they can affect the baby.

In addition, while these products are proven to promote hair regrowth, people have different reactions to them. This means that certain medications may not work for some women. It is also possible for other people to develop side effects.

The aforementioned issues further highlight the importance of working with specialists. When an expert is overseeing the treatment, adjustments can be made to prevent the problem from escalating and to achieve the desired results.

Supplements for Hair Regrowth

Supplements are prescribed in cases wherein the hair thinning is due to a nutritional deficiency. For one, hair loss that is caused by low levels of iron is primarily treated using iron supplements.

Once normal levels are restored, you can expect to see the hair grow back. But the results are not immediate, so you need to be patient.

Vitamins like biotin, folic acid or Vitamin D are also used in conjunction with other hair loss medications. These supplements do not just promote hair regrowth but also ensure that the follicles and strands are healthy.

Innovative Hair Growth Treatment for Women

The pursuit of a hair loss cure has also paved the way for innovative treatments that promote hair regrowth like laser therapy. Here, devices that emit a low level of laser light are used to stimulate the growth of new hair.

Based on studies, laser therapy is effective in addressing hair thinning due to female pattern hair loss. But just like the proven hair loss medications, the laser therapy treatment should not stop for new hair growth to continue.

It is also best if specialists administer or oversee the laser therapy. Given their knowledge and experience, you can be certain that the procedure is done the right way. Moreover, the specialists would be able to accurately assess the effect of the treatment.

Aside from laser therapy, there is also what’s called platelet-rich plasma therapy. In this treatment, your own platelets are treated and then injected into the affected area/s on your scalp.

Early findings are showing that this procedure is effective in stimulating follicles to grow hair. However, more studies are needed to know the safety and efficacy of this therapy.

If you are experiencing excessive hair fall, it is best that you consult a trichologist or dermatologist right away. Early intervention is the key to successfully treating any hair loss condition. It is also important that the right treatment is done at the onset as using the wrong product can worsen the hair loss.

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