What Our Clients Said - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin

What Our Clients Said

What Our Clients Said

Felipe Santos
Reviewed 10 Dec 2020

“I am much more confident and I know my hair will grow fully back again. I am experiencing hair loss for over a year now. Thankfully the Universal hair, scalp and skin clinic is helping me to stop my hair falling. The only regret I have is that I didn’t go there before. The treatment is quite expensive but it worths each penny you spend. I am much more confident and I know my hair will grow fully back again. I am extremely happy with the results.” *

Reviewed 9 July 2020

“Carol Johnson, the trichologist of Universal Hair Clinic gave me excellent advice on how to approach my prematurely greying hair. I never thought that tyrosine or copper deficiency could lead to grey hair, too. I strongly recommend you talk to Carol about your greying hair – the sooner the better.” *

Reviewed 1 July 2020

“I would highly recommend the clinic. The manner in which they deal with clients is professional and you feel like they truly understand your worries & fears. I felt so much more confident after my chat with the consultant on how to overcome & approach my toddler’s hair pulling.” *

Albert, Tipperary

Reviewed 2 March 2018

“I would like to thank all the staff for the confidence they have given me. It is lovely to see my hair coming back and my dandruff gone, it gives me great hope for the future. Thank you all.” *

Evelyn Doyle
Reviewed 2 March 2018

“I am very grateful for the help and understanding the staff has given me and my son. It is lovely to see his confidence come back. It is lovely to see all of his hair back, and look the way he used to, before alopecia.” *

Susan, Ireland
Reviewed 25 July 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed the microdermabrasion facial. My skin was left feeling lighter and fresher and I found my makeup looked a lot better on afterwards too! I also got great skincare advice from the therapist who was very experienced and attentive. I highly recommend the microdermabrasion facial at the Universal Hair and Scalp Clinic.” *

Jean, Dalkey
Reviewed 6 March 2017

“I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff and Consultant at Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic for giving me back my hair and confidence. I never knew why I was losing my hair until it was explained to me that I have Scarring Alopecia. The shock alone was devastating but knowing that there was something I could do to save my hair and get more hair growing was a life saver. Thank you for all the lovely ladies at Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic and their wonderful Trichologist, who helped me through what could have been the most negative experience of my life.” *

Marie, Ireland
Reviewed 11 February 2017

“On Oct 12th having had my first app. for Frontal Alopecia I’m so happy to say my hair is growing. Thank God for continued success. Instead of being stressed about hair loss I have peace of mind. All at the clinic are so nice and helpful and we have some good laughs too. I feel the clinic has great success rates otherwise it would not be open all these years so thank you all very much.” *

Annette, Ireland, Clinic Patient
Reviewed 28 January 2015

“Consultation was very welcoming and informative.” *
Treatment Received : Hair Loss Treatment
Total Amount Paid : €468

Anthony, Ireland, WhatClinic User
Reviewed 15 May 2014
“Highly recommended”
“scalp treatment for alopecia

I attended the Trichologist at this Clinic for severe Alopecia and heavy hair fall in February 2014. I have received 6 treatments so far and my hair is growing back as are my eyebrows. I cannot recommend the service and treatment enough. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I would encourage anyone to try this treatment to increase their hair growth. They know their stuff and their experience shows. The price was as I expected and very reasonable.” *

Fiona, Galway, Verified by Phone
Reviewed 30 March 2014
“A very professional friendly service with great results”
“I got microdermabraison treatment and it was great. A very professional friendly service with great results, couldn’t be happier!

I am definitely going back.” *
Treatment Received : Microdermabrasion
Total Amount Paid : €45

Anthony, Ireland, WhatClinic User
Reviewed 21 February 2013

“Hair loss treatment”
“I attend this Clinic every couple of years for treatment for male pattern baldness and I am very happy with the results. I was told I would not lose any more hair since I started to treat my scalp and I haven’t. I have in fact seen regrowth which I honestly didn’t believe was possible. It hasn’t cost me the earth and the staff are extremely discreet, professional and friendly. The Consultant I met was very informative and knew her stuff. I am glad that my colleague at work recommended this Clinic to me. It is easy to see how they are still in business over 50 years later. I still have my hair and I am 45 years old. I started losing it in my 20’s.” *
Treatment Received : hair loss treatment
Total Amount Paid : €480


Susan, Ireland
Reviewed 29 September 2011

“I would recommend them and they are v professional”
“V happy.My scalp was so inflamed and sore that my hair was falling out in handfuls. 10 treatments later and my scalp is perfect and my hair is growing. I had been to my GP and another Clinic who did nothing to solve this. I have returned to see their Dermatologist to have a mole removed which was cancerous, so I have a lot to be grateful for. I would recommend them and they are v professional and not v expensive.” *

Shauna, Dublin, Clinic Patient
Reviewed 31 August 2011

“yes it was a great place and the doctors there are very nice”
“yes it was a great place and the doctors there are very nice and friendly, the price was what i was told it would be.” *
Treatment Received : Dermatologist Consultation

Liz, Ireland
Reviewed 05 February 2010

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this clinic”
Were you pleased with the treatment?
“I had a consultation for hair loss in September 2009 and I have now completed my course of treatment. I am very happy with my hair now, as I was shedding handfuls of hair after an extremely stressful period in my life. The Consultant and staff couldn’t have been more understanding and honest with me regarding the results. I would wholeheartedly recommend this Clinic. It’s little wonder another lady I worked with told me to go and she had treatment there 20 years ago for psoriasis of her scalp. I believe in word of mouth referrals and this one worked for me.”
Would you recommend the clinic?
“I would recommend this Clinic as I was treated with discretion and genuine interest. The staff were very friendly and even accepted half payment while I was awaiting funds.”
Would you return for further treatment?
“Yes, I intend returning to have regular treatments to keep my hair looking well and I intend having more Treatment for lines and wrinkles with their Dermatologist.” *
Treatment Received : Hair Loss Treatment

James, Dublin City
Reviewed 13 October 2009

“Very helpful”
Were you pleased with the treatment?
“I was just looking for a consultation…”
Would you recommend the clinic?
“Yes I believe the were very helpful…”
Would you return for further treatment?
“In the new year yes.” *

Adam, Ireland
Reviewed 07 October 2009

“I am delighted with the clinic”
Were you pleased with the treatment?
“So far I am delighted with the clinic so friendly and very welcoming. The price for 10 treatments is 480 euro so not bad always could be worse. ”
Would you recommend the clinic?
“I would reccomed the clinic for the others but to be honest to do that need to wait and see the result but it will take time.”
Would you return for further treatment?
“Future will show will I continue treatment. ” *


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