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Universal Hair Clinic provides hair and scalp treatments and products to help combat hair loss (alopecia), thinning hair and related problems, such as dandruff, dry skin flakes, itching and dry or oily scalp as well as psoriasis in both men and women.

Although results vary from person to person, once treatment is commenced you can feel your hair is thicker and healthier, and you might even experience the cessation of associated problems such as those mentioned above. The Clinic also offers treatment and support for those with Trichotillomania.

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The Oldest Clinic

We are the oldest Hair & Scalp Clinic in the country as we are established since 1960.

Consultant Trichologist

Carol Johnson, Certified Member of International Ass. of Trihologists is an expert on disorders of the hair & scalp.

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Sean Trapp, Dermatologist – advanced training in cosmetic procedures and conditions of the skin.

Trichoscan Digital Imaging

The only clinic in Ireland with this type of technology for forensic analysis of the hair & scalp.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

We provide localised hair and scalp treatments which are non-surgical.


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The Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatment Guide


Experts estimate that people lose 100 to 150 strands daily. While this may seem a lot, it actually is not considering that, on the average, a person has over 100,000 hair on the scalp.

It is a different story, however, if you are exceeding the normal range, if you are losing excessive hair for a prolonged period of time or if you are losing clumps of hair.

Professional Hair & Scalp Care

Wherever you live and however bad your hair loss or scalp problem may seem, you can rely on the integrity and profesionalism of Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic and the expertise we will provide you with.

Hair Loss Tips & Stories


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Is DHT Blocking Shampoo Effective for Hair Growth?

Hair loss is something many men dread, especially those who are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. This is why there are numerous products and services sold in the market today that supposedly resolve hair loss in men. One of the well-known products in...


The Different Hair Loss Treatments in Dublin

It is not easy for people to talk about their hair loss. In fact, instead of seeing a specialist, many opt to resolve the issue on their own. If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding, please know that going this route can worsen the problem. There are effective...

About Us

The Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic (Est. 1960) is the first of its kind in Dublin. The Clinic offers treatment for those experiencing complaints of the hair and scalp through a specialised and complete clinical service. In particular, a treatment is available that can help effectively combat hair loss in both men and women and is exclusive to the Clinic for over 50 years.


Male hair loss can be treated and prevented.

But early action is essential. Don’t put it off any longer.


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Consultation was very welcoming and informative. *
Annette, Ireland

Carol Johnson

Certified Trichologist