What Effective Treatments Are There for Trichotillomania?

If you are suffering from trichotillomania, don’t despair because effective treatments are available in Dublin. Depending on the evaluation, the specialist may recommend behavioural treatment and/or medications.

Behavioural treatment, specifically habit reversal training, is highly effective in treating trichotillomania. This is why it is the main treatment for this impulse control disorder.

hair pulling trichotillomaniaIt involves developing an awareness of the hair pulling itself and the antecedent stimuli or related triggers. It also includes substituting the hair-pulling action with something less harmful, like squeezing a stress ball or clenching your fist.

Various habit reversal techniques and ‘homework’ will be taught and discussed weekly with a focus on positive improvement. You may also be asked to keep a journal, as this can make it easier for you to track your triggers and understand your condition.

There is still no approved medication that specifically treats trichotillomania. However, your treatment may include medicines or products to address the hair loss and strengthen the existing hair. If necessary, the specialist may also recommend scalp treatment to relieve itching or severe irritation.

Apart from hair loss and scalp medications, you may also be given other mood-regulating medicines to relieve some symptoms.

Joining support groups is likewise highly encouraged for people with trichotillomania. This is often part of the overall treatment, as studies show that sufferers of this disorder feel alone. Being in the company of people who understand what you are going through can ease the loneliness and make you feel heard.

Where Can You Get Effective Treatments for Trichotillomania in Dublin?

Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic have been treating patients with trichotillomania for 50 years. We are a registered care provider of the Trichotillomania Learning Centre (Santa Cruz), an organisation dedicated to increasing awareness about trichotillomania and providing support to sufferers.

At the Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic, you can expect effective trichotillomania treatment from our qualified specialists. Our trichologist can also create a hair and scalp treatment plan if your disorder has led to hair loss and scalp issues. We have professional and friendly staff members equipped to provide assistance and support without delays. They can provide information regarding OCD support groups and counselling services upon request.

Patients find our personalised treatment plan relaxing and stimulating. Treatment is recommended every week until a point of remission is obtained and hair growth and structure show improvement, along with increased motivation to stop hair pulling.

How Do You Get Trichotillomania Treatments in Dublin?

The first step is to obtain a thorough evaluation of the hair & scalp by one of our hair loss consultants or dermatologists. This is because medical and dermatological conditions that may cause or exacerbate hair loss must be ruled out first. A consultation should be arranged at our clinic for this purpose. Care will be taken to evaluate for other psychiatric conditions which may worsen the hair pulling or make treatment more problematic.

After a diagnosis has been made, we will create a treatment plan and discuss it with you. We believe treating this impulse control disorder will only be successful if specialists and sufferers work together. This is why we ensure that our patients understand what their treatment entails and commit to the plan.

Are you repeatedly pulling your hair? Has this resulted in hair loss or bald patches? Please know that help is available. At Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic, we offer effective trichotillomania treatments. Please call us on 01 6793618 or email us at info@universalhairclinic.ie to book a consultation with our specialist.