What effective treatments are there for trichotillomania?

hair pulling trichotillomania

Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic has been treating patients with Trichotillomania for 50 years. The first step is to obtain a thorough evaluation of the hair & scalp by one of our Hair Loss Consultants or Dermatologist. Medical and dermatological conditions that may cause or exacerbate hair loss must be ruled out first. A consultation should be arranged at our Clinic for this purpose. Care will be taken to evaluate for other psychiatric conditions which may worsen the hair pulling or make treatment more problematic.

Behavioural treatment involves developing an awareness of the hair pulling itself and the antecedent stimuli or triggers that are related to it. Various habit reversal techniques and ‘homework’ will be taught and discussed on a weekly basis with a focus on positive improvement. This will be coupled with actual treatment to strengthen the existing hair and promote faster improved growth along with scalp treatment to relieve itching or severe irritation, if required. Patients find this personal treatment plan relaxing and stimulating.

Treatment is recommended on a weekly basis to begin with until a point of remission is obtained and hair growth and structure shows improvement along with improved motivation to stop in the individual. Information regarding OCD Support groups and counselling services will be provided also, upon request.

For more information or to discuss trichotillomania, please contact our trichologist staff at 01 6793618 or info@universalhairclinic.ie