Why Do People Pull Out Their Hair?

Myriad reasons abound to explain why people with this disorder pull out their hair. Trichotillomania often begins in childhood or adolescence during a time of stress or tension. Sufferers often recall feeling anxious or nervous about some stress when the pulling first started but typically cannot articulate a clear reason why they had to pull out their hair.

hair pulling trichotillomaniaSurprisingly, the pulling is generally not painful but rather soothing, comforting or pleasurable. The pulling itself may become ritualised and persist until the “right” hair is found or pulled. Despite some pleasure or relief after pulling, there is often severe remorse, shame or guilt in the aftermath of an episode.

But why is it that some people pull out their hair when stressed out or anxious while others do not?

Admittedly, the exact cause of trichotillomania is still unknown. Some experts point to the interaction between heredity and environmental triggers as the likely culprit. With this, genetically predisposed individuals are more likely to resort to hair pulling when put under extreme stress.

Trichotillomania is a complex condition. More studies are needed to definitively determine its root cause.

How Can You Prevent Trichotillomania?

Like other mental health disorders, trichotillomania cannot be prevented. But managing stress well or avoiding it can reduce your urge to pull out your hair. Similarly, addressing underlying mental health issues that increase your chances of developing trichotillomania may also help.

Can You Cure Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania has no cure, like most mental health disorders. Sometimes, it is a temporary condition that goes away on its own. But often, it is a chronic or lifelong disorder characterised by a period of recurrence and remission. When it recurs, sufferers may experience phases wherein the urge to pull becomes less or more severe.

There may be no cure at the moment, but treatments are available to minimise the recurrence of trichotillomania and manage the symptoms.

In Dublin, Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic are a trusted provider of effective treatments for trichotillomania. We have helped many sufferers manage this disorder and regain control of their lives.

How Do You Effectively Treat Trichotillomania?

At the Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic, treating this hair pulling disorder starts with an evaluation by our qualified specialist.

The diagnostic process involves interviewing patients to learn about their medical history and present circumstances. It also includes a physical exam to see if there are visible signs of the condition. Screening for other disorders that can trigger hair pulling is also done.

Are you worried that you might have trichotillomania? Take the first step towards overcoming the urge topull out your hair – schedule an appointment with our trusted trichotillomania specialist. Call us today on 01 6793618 or email us at info@universalhairclinic.ie.