Alopecia Cure

If you are experiencing hair loss, please know that help is available. The Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic has qualified professionals like dermatologists and trichologists who can cure your alopecia. Furthermore, for cases involving alopecia areata and trichotillomania, there are support groups which can help you cope with your Alopecia Curecondition.

On top of the alopecia treatments that professionals offer, there are also some lifestyle changes you can make to cure alopecia or prevent it from starting early and progressing rapidly.

Have a Balanced Diet

Not having a balanced diet may lead to nutritional deficiency which can significantly affect hair health and trigger alopecia. For example, some studies noted that incidence of hair loss is high amongst those who have low-protein diets. Protein is a primary component of the hair and is necessary to keep it healthy.

Similarly, iron and vitamin B12 deficiency are also associated with hair loss. So, make sure that you observe the recommended daily intake for proteins and other nutrients. Aside from a healthy diet, consider taking some supplements, too.

Minimise Stress

Stress is one of the known triggers of hair loss, especially for telogen effluvium and alopecia areata. In telogen effluvium, physical stress due to a high-grade fever, pregnancy or surgery is one its recognised causes. Psychological and emotional stress can may also bring about this hair loss condition.

It is not yet fully understood exactly how stress causes hair loss. What’s clear, however, is that avoiding prolonged exposure to intense stress is essential in preventing telogen effluvium from causing permanent damage. Therefore, make it a habit to engage in activities that provide stress relief like meditating, exercising and spending time on a hobby.

Be Gentle with Your Hair

Tight hairstyles like buns and braids can put unnecessary strain on your hair. When you regularly don these hairstyles, it can lead to hair breakage and eventually a condition called traction alopecia. While this condition is reversible, it can become permanent if it is not addressed immediately.

Please also know that, as you age, the natural oils produced on the scalp becomes less. This can make the hair dry and brittle and prone to breakage. Hence, it is important that you keep your scalp and hair moisturised. It is also best to minimise your use of hair products with harsh chemicals and heat-emitting styling tools like hair dryers.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Crash dieting is a popular way of shedding extra pounds immediately. However, this can cause an undue strain on your hair health. With this method, the body does not get the sufficient amount of nutrients for it to function properly. The minimal nutrients available is utilised for essential body parts like the heart to work efficiently.

Since the hair is not important physiologically, it isn’t a priority and thereby, receives little or no nutrients at all. This eventually causes the strands to become brittle or fall off. If you wish to slim down, do it the healthy way. Don’t lose weight drastically unless you want your hair to come off as well.

Losing your hair can be very stressful. But do not freak out as there are things you can do to prevent this problem from progressing fast.

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