Unisol Scalp Cleanser (Pre Shampoo)


Pre-Shampoo to cleanse residue and dead skin from the scalp.  Also use after hair treatments to remove.

Product Description

For healthy hair growth, its essential to ensure the scalp’s environment is gentle cleansed and hydrated.  Scalp Cleanser acts to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the scalp and aid the scalp’s respiration.  An anti-dandruff pre-shampoo that really works. Regular use will clear dandruff and scale, normalise the scalp and remove scale associated with dandruff and dry scalp which boosts the use of our treatment shampoo or can be used as a stand alone treatment once per week in advance of Coconut Strengthening Shampoo.

Applying shampoo on the top of the head will increase hair friction and cause hair tangling.