Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

Nov 15, 2019Hair Treatments

No woman wants to lose her hair. Not you and not the billions of other females around the world. This explains the proliferation of products like shampoos and creams claiming to help women avoid losing their precious tresses.

But can hair loss really be prevented?

It depends on the cause of the alopecia or hair loss. Some conditions are preventable, while others are not.

What Types of Hair Loss Are Preventable?

Hair loss due to nutrient, vitamin and/or mineral deficiency is a good example of a preventable type of alopecia.

The hair requires certain nutrients and vitamins to grow and be healthy. One nutrient that is critical to having healthy locks is protein.

Did you know that most hair follicles are composed of a protein called keratin?

Studies have shown that diets lacking in protein results in hair loss. When not enough protein is consumed, hair growth may become restricted and the strands can become weak and brittle. This is one of the reasons why the incidence of hair loss is high amongst people with low-protein diets like vegans.”

Another mineral that is integral to hair growth and health is iron. When you do not have enough iron in your body, your tresses may fall off.

“…iron deficiency can disrupt the hair growth cycle and cause hair loss. Low levels of iron can affect the nutrient-rich blood supply to the scalp. Hair follicles and roots rely on this supply to stay in tip-top condition.”

Diets lacking in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals aren’t the only culprits for this type of alopecia. Bad eating habits, particularly crash dieting, contribute to the problem as well.

Going on crash diets can cause hair to prematurely go on the telogen or resting phase. Why does this happen? It’s because the hair follicles do not get enough essential nutrients.

“Remember, when limited nutrients are entering your body, they go first to vital organs or body parts. Your hair, although valuable to your self-esteem, is not crucial to your survival. Hence, supplying it nutrients is not a priority when stock is scarce.”

Hair loss due to hairstyling and hair care practices can also be avoided. Let’s take the case of traction alopecia. This type of hair loss problem stems from tight hairstyles like buns, ponytails and braids.

“…the hair is repeatedly pulled too tight in the same direction. Over time, this action puts excessive tension on the hair which eventually leads to the hair shaft breaking or loosening from its follicle.”

How Can You Prevent Hair Loss

If you want to prevent hair loss, make sure that you meet the recommended dietary requirement for protein and iron. Make sure that you also eat food rich in zinc and vitamins B12, D and E. Simply put, always eat a balanced diet.

You can take supplements as well. See to it that you talk to your doctor first, though.

Moreover, make sure that you observe healthy eating habits. To be more precise, never go on crash diets.

Meanwhile, if you frequently tie your hair too tightly, then you might want to change this habit to avoid traction alopecia. Minimising the use of products like chemical relaxers and heat-emitting styling tools like blowers is likewise highly recommended. When used excessively, these can make strands dry and brittle.

Lastly, see a trichologist or a dermatologist. These specialists can give tips on how to keep your hair healthy. They can also provide clinically proven products which can help you avoid hair loss.

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