How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Jan 15, 2020Hair Treatments

Hair loss starts by the age of 30 in most men. The hairline begins receding or the crown area starts losing hair. The alopecia happens gradually which makes it difficult for men to notice it during its early stages.

Hair loss in men often leads to balding or loss of most hair. This is very different from what happens in women wherein alopecia results in hair thinning. However, just like women, men also have a hard time dealing with hair loss. They develop a negative self-image and become less confident.

Unfortunately, hair loss is an inevitable part of growing old. All males are going to suffer from it at some point in their life. You do not have to fret though! There are things you can do to prevent hair loss from happening too soon and from becoming worse. Furthermore, treatments are now available to help you regain lost hair.

So, what can you do to avoid losing your hair too soon? Below, we’ve listed some of the steps you can take to help you keep a thick head of hair.

See an Expert Immediately

It is highly recommended that you see a hair and scalp expert when you start noticing signs of hair loss. If you have a family history of balding, it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist even before you start losing hair.

An expert can determine if you are suffering from hair loss. She can also identify what is causing it. Most importantly, she can recommend the best course of treatment for your condition. This may include taking supplements and/or medications that promote hair growth or undergoing hair transplantation.

It should be noted that alopecia in men has different causes, but the most prevalent one is male pattern baldness. While this condition has no cure, there are medications which can prevent it from progressing quickly.


Regardless of the cause, hair loss needs to be addressed during its early stage to get the best result.

Take Care of Your Hair & Scalp

Always be gentle when brushing or styling your hair. As much as possible, avoid tight hairstyles like “man buns” and cornrows as these can lead to a hair loss condition called traction alopecia.

“… the hair is repeatedly pulled too tight in the same direction. Over time, this action puts excessive tension on the hair which eventually leads to the hair shaft breaking or loosening from its follicle.”

Also, avoid excessive use of chemical products and heat-emitting devices like blowers. These practices can weaken the hair and eventually cause hair loss.

Make sure that your scalp is healthy as well. Having an unhealthy scalp may lead to alopecia. For example, suffering from dandruff increases your likelihood of experiencing hair loss. While dandruff per se does not cause hair loss, scratching the scalp to relieve oneself of the itch can pull the hair out from the roots.

It is also highly recommended that you massage your scalp. One study showed that men who massaged their scalp for 4 minutes each day for 6 months had thicker hair.

“Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation, which in turn help stimulate hair growth.”

Eat a Balanced Diet

The hair needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Nutritional deficiency can cause your hair to fall off and may lead to premature balding.

“Eat food rich in iron, vitamin E, vitamin B12 and zinc. These vitamins and minerals help invigorate thinning strands and keep your hair in tip-top condition. It is also essential to eat protein-rich food. Protein helps keep hair strong. It is also essential to your hair’s growth.

The thought of losing your hair and going bald can be scary. Please know, however, that you can do something to avoid suffering from premature hair loss. Moreover, help is available. Dermatologists and trichologists can create treatment plans that prevent the hair loss from worsening and reverse alopecia with the help of hair growth medications.

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Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay


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