Top 10 Tips for Healthy Hair

May 16, 2015Hair Treatments

To prevent hair loss and breakage:

  1. Choose hair styles that protect the hair and keep it healthy

    Never wear hair styles that are too tight such as braids, weaves and ponytails. Also, wearing braided hair or weaved hair for too long can cause a condition called areata.

  2. Blow drying techniques

    When using the blow dryer keep it in constant motion at the lowest temperature setting whenever possible.

  3. Active Sleepers

    If you are an active sleeper, do not wear rollers or any other styling equipment to bed. This can put undue stress on the hair follicle. As a result, breakage may occur.

  4. Using old styling tools

    Get rid of any styling tools that are broken. This includes everything from the comb with the broken teeth or a brush with broken bristles that can snap the hair.

  5. Brush with care

    Plastic, nylon and metal hair brushes can pull, tear and break the hair cuticle. The Kent® pure bristle and beechwood hairbrushes are suitable for all hair types. Brushing actively promotes health, maintenance and vitality to the hair shaft and scalp, improving lustre and sheen, protecting the hair whilst defrizzing and smoothing. Natural wood and pure bristle minimise static. (available at reception).

  6. Use covered bands and ponytails

    Ensure that you use only covered bands when putting your hair in ponytails. Rubber bands cut into the hair cuticle causing breakage and split ends as well as putting a lot of tension on the hair.

  7. Use natural hair formulas

    Use natural hair formulas that replace lost protein, moisture and nutrients. Natural hair formulas also protect the hair cuticle without stripping it of its natural oils. [All treatments used at Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic are made from natural products].

  8. Do not apply excessive heat to the hair

    Excessive heat from blow dryers, hot curling tongs and hair straightening irons can cause breakage, dryness and split ends. Because heat is very damaging to the hair cuticle, look for tools that have a thermostatic setting and will allow you to use “low” heat when styling.

  9. Deep protein or moisturising clinic treatments

    Deep protein or moisturizing conditioning treatments penetrate the hair shaft and protect the hair against breakage. Regular treatments encourage healthy conditioned hair and aid hair loss.

  10. Use leave-in treatments

    Use leave-in treatments, particularly while on holiday. These protect the hair from the oxidizing effects of the sun, chlorinated pools, hot tubs and spas. This keeps colour treated hair from fading and provides lubrication and protection to the hair follicle which encourages healthy growth. Speak to your hair therapist at the Clinic who will recommend a specific treatment for you.

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