What Are the Top Causes of Hair Loss in Teen Girls?

Feb 28, 2018Hair Treatments

Hair loss in teen girls should not be ignored by parents like you. Losing hair at a critical period in their life can be very distressing for these adolescents. When left unaddressed, hair loss may result in a negative self-image and low self-esteem. Feeling embarrassed for having bald patches or not having hair, they can become withdrawn and depressed.

So, if your teenage daughter is suffering from hair loss, make sure you know and understand what is causing it as this is the first step to helping her. Most importantly, do not hesitate to seek the help of specialists like a dermatologist to ensure that your teenager gets the treatment she needs.

Causes of Hair Loss in Teen Girls

There are different reasons why hair loss in teen girls happen. In certain cases, the hair loss is due to something as simple as not properly caring for the hair. At times, it is triggered by poor nutrition or genetics.

Hormonal Changes: The body goes through various changes during adolescence. Aside from the physical development, hormone levels fluctuate regularly in teens. Sometimes, the fluctuation is just a normal part of adolescent development. At times, it’s due to medical conditions like hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The hormonal imbalance or fluctuation impacts their mood and skin (which is why acne problems surface during adolescence as well). The imbalance also affects hair growth cycle, resulting in hair loss.

Typically, the hormone levels stabilise on their own and the hair stops shedding. However, to ensure that no severe problem is causing the hair loss, it’s still best to take your daughter to a dermatologist.

Female Pattern Hair Loss: Also referred to as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss is the top reason why adult women lose their hair. Sometimes, the onset of this problem takes place during mid-adolescence. Female pattern hair loss is due to genetics as well as hormones. If your teenage daughter exhibits thinning hair at the top of the head, widened part and a more visible scalp, she may be suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

Currently, treatments are available to stop or slow down this hair loss problem. Keep in mind, addressing the problem early on is important in achieving a positive outcome and preventing the problem from becoming severe.

Unhealthy Food Choices and Eating Habits: What teen girls consume also affect the health of their hair. When they do not eat a balanced diet, their bodies do not get the necessary amount of nutrients for their body, as well as their hair, to stay healthy. Similarly, when they skip meals or go on extreme dieting, their hair may suffer. Nutritional deficiency may cause the hair to become brittle or, worst, stop it from growing.

For example, if your daughter’s protein intake drops, her body copes with it by stopping hair growth. In these cases, eating a balanced diet and taking supplements correct the problem

Overstyling the Hair: If your daughter usually styles her hair in tight braids or corn rows, then this may be the culprit behind her hair loss. Vigorous styling puts tension on the hair, causing them to break or get uprooted. When this happens repeatedly, it may lead to scarring and permanent hair loss. Additionally, incessant use of hair products like chemical relaxers and styling equipment like straightening and curling irons may make the hair dry and brittle.

So, advise your daughter to change hair styles and limit her use of hair products and heat-driven equipment. When using a straightening or curling iron, tell her that the hair should not come into contact with the equipment for too long.

When it comes to hair loss in teen girls, seeking the help of a specialist is the first thing every parent like you should do. Immediately addressing the problem is the best way to prevent the hair loss from becoming severe and causing emotional stress on your daughter.

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