Hair Growth Shampoo: Does It Work?

Dec 15, 2020Hair Treatments

Who doesn’t want great-looking tresses? With social media influencers flaunting shiny, thick and bouncy locks, it can be difficult not to want the same thing. But how do you exactly get thicker and healthier hair?

Well, the market is awash with products that promise to give users great-looking hair. These include numerous hair growth shampoos which are supposed to resolve hair thinning and balding issues.

Banking on people’s desire to regain their lost hair as quickly as possible, these products are being marketed as miracle shampoos. Some of them even make bold claims of delivering results in just three weeks or shorter.

But do these shampoos really work? Are they worth trying or will you just be wasting money? Read on to find out the truth about these products.

Are Hair Growth Shampoos Effective?

Before we answer this question, you have to understand that alopecia is caused by different conditions. To successfully treat the hair loss, the reason behind it needs to be identified first.

So, if you are experiencing hair loss, you cannot expect that a hair growth shampoo alone can resolve the problem and bring back your luscious head of hair.

A trichologist or dermatologist needs to conduct tests to determine the cause. Based on the diagnosis, she is going to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for your condition.

Typically, hair growth shampoos are part of the hair loss treatment protocol. However, they are not the only products you are going to use to address your hair loss condition.

For example, for female pattern hair loss, the primary product used to treat it is a medication that is clinically proven to promote hair growth. A hair growth shampoo may be recommended, primarily to help keep the hair and scalp healthy.

What if you do not have any hair loss condition but you’re struggling to grow your short hair? In this case, you can use a hair growth shampoo to achieve what you want. But you have to ensure that you use a product that is recommended by a hair and scalp specialist to ensure its efficacy.

Only Use Expert-Recommended Hair Growth Shampoos

The effectiveness of many hair regrowth products sold in the market today is questionable, especially those that promise instant results. The truth is that a lot of them have not undergone rigorous testing to determine their efficacy.

Remember, just because a product contains ingredients that supposedly help hair growth, it does not mean that the shampoo is effective. Various factors can affect its efficacy such as its formulation and the concentrations of the ingredients. How the shampoo is used also has an impact on its overall effectiveness.

To avoid wasting money, it is best to consult a trichologist or dermatologist as to what shampoo is best for your hair problem.

For example, if your hair thinning is due to weak strands, the specialist can recommend a hair strengthening shampoo. Similarly, if your hair fall is due to a greasy or flaky scalp, she can suggest a product that is specially formulated to cleanse the scalp or hair.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to determine which of the countless hair growth shampoos in the market are truly effective. Hence, it is highly recommended that you consult an expert first before purchasing any product. This is the best way to avoid washing money down the drain and more importantly, using shampoos which can worsen the problem.

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