Hair Loss Shampoo – Does It Work?

Sep 30, 2020Hair Treatments

It is not surprising that having thick and beautiful locks is important to men and women. Most people see it as an integral part of their identity. This explains why thinning hair or becoming bald is frustrating and embarrassing for many.

Simply put, losing hair is not something people want to happen to them. So, when they start seeing more hair on their shower drain, brush or pillow, they do not think twice about trying remedies for their hair loss.

When it comes to treating their alopecia, people typically turn to hair loss shampoos. This is not surprising given their abundance in the market today.

But do these products actually work? Are their claims true? Or are they just marketing ploys that play on your insecurity?

Hair Loss Shampoo and Its Effectiveness

Nowadays, you are going to find numerous hair loss shampoos being sold, all promising to stop alopecia and help you regrow your hair.

These products contain various ingredients that are noted to minimise hair loss and improve hair volume like phyto-caffeine and essential oils.

Phyto-caffeine is said to inhibit an enzyme that turns testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone associated with alopecia in men and women. Shampoos containing this ingredient claim to minimise hair loss due to androgenic alopecia.

Meanwhile, research has shown that essential oils like rosemary, lavender and peppermint help promote hair growth. In fact, according to one study, rosemary oil was proven to be as effective as clinically proven hair growth medicine.

Now – are these products effective in treating hair loss?

Based on anecdotal reports, some of these hair loss shampoos live up to their promise. But there are also many which do nothing.

Suffice to say, while these shampoos contain ingredients that are proven to stop or reverse the effects of alopecia, more scientific studies are needed to determine the efficacy of most of these products.

So, it is wise for you to not use a hair loss shampoo unless it is recommended by your dermatologist or trichologist.

What to Do Before Using a Hair Loss Shampoo

Just because a hair loss shampoo worked for a friend of yours, this does not mean that you are going to get the same result.


Hair loss has different causes. As such, the shampoo can only be effective if it addresses the reason behind your alopecia.

So, when you start noticing that you are excessively losing hair, what you should do first is to consult a hair and scalp specialist.

To come up with an accurate diagnosis, the dermatologist or trichologist is going to conduct a scalp examination and request for laboratory tests. Once the underlying cause is identified, the specialist proceeds to creating the hair loss treatment plan.

A hair loss shampoo is prescribed as part of the daily regimen of people with alopecia. This kind of shampoo is used primarily to clean the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles.

It is rare for alopecia to be treated with shampoo alone, especially in cases like male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss and alopecia areata. They are used in conjunction with clinically proven hair loss medications and supplements.

In conclusion, using a hair loss shampoo is an integral part of treating alopecia. However, not all shampoos are effective. The truth is that some of these products can even exacerbate your alopecia.

So, be careful when purchasing these shampoos, especially those that promise instant results. When it comes to treating hair loss, achieving overnight hair growth is not possible even with clinically proven alopecia treatments.

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