How Much Does Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Ireland?

Sep 15, 2022Hair Treatments

While it’s true that men are more likely to have significant hair loss than women, both can experience varying degrees of hair thinning as they age. The thing is that hair loss can cause significant distress, even if it is a normal part of ageing.

But the good news is that several different options are available when treating hair loss. These treatments can be effective in regrowing lost follicles in a patient’s scalp area or preventing further thinning. However, since hair loss treatment costs are not cheap, you certainly would want to find out how much you’ll spend so you can budget accordingly.

Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Ireland

The truth is that it is difficult to come up with an accurate amount since various factors affect treatment costs for hair loss. But expect to spend at least €100 on your initial consultation with a trichologist.

In case you didn’t know, talking to a hair and scalp specialist like a trichologist is the first step in treating female pattern hair loss, male pattern baldness, and other types of alopecia. Apart from asking questions, the trichologist will do some tests to help them accurately diagnose your hair loss problem.

The costs vary per diagnostic test and clinic. But to give you an idea, trichoscan diagnostics, a computerised program for measuring hair loss and hair growth, costs €150 at the Universal Hair Clinic.

Once a diagnosis is made, your trichologist will create a treatment plan. This may include using medications and/or supplements or undergoing procedures like laser therapy or hair transplant.

Hair loss medications and supplements cost around €20 to €55. Meanwhile, laser hair growth therapy prices start at €65 per session. Lastly, a hair transplant costs anywhere between €1000 to €34000.

Factors That Affect Hair Loss Treatment Cost

The cost of hair loss treatment depends on several factors, including the type of treatment you choose. For example, the cost of laser therapy is usually higher than the cost of medication.

It is worth mentioning, however, that using clinically-proven hair growth medications can also be costly as you’ll have to spend on them on a monthly basis. To add, you can’t stop using them to continue reaping their benefits.

Basically, hair loss medications can cost you at least €780 annually. Your actual expense could be higher if you need to use more than one type of medicine.

The severity of your hair loss will also impact how much you pay for your treatment. Naturally, if you have extensive hair loss, you can expect your treatment costs to be expensive. This is because you will use medications for several months or undergo several sessions of hair restoration procedures.

Lastly, the clinic or trichologist you choose can also affect your overall treatment cost. Trusted clinics or trichologists tend to charge more primarily because of their in-depth know-how and extensive experience. Plus, trusted hair and scalp clinics have advanced equipment.

In conclusion, you can expect to spend around €300 for your initial consultation, which includes consultation and diagnostic fees. Meanwhile, your hair loss treatment costs in Ireland may vary from €65 to €34000.

Remember, treatment cost varies from patient to patient, depending on how much hair loss a person has, what type of treatment they need, and where they get their treatment.

Hair loss treatment can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for something that will be effective over time. However, it is money well spent as it can relieve you of the emotional and psychological distress associated with hair loss.

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