The Irish Times: Why Go Bald sprouts new growth - Universal Hair Clinic Dublin
What You Should Know About Trichology And Trichologists
What You Should Know About Trichology And Trichologists
July 30, 2017
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August 29, 2017

Recently, an article appeared in the Irish Times Business section talking about Universal Hair Clinic and how we might help you treat alopecia.

Universal Hair and Scalp Clinic is Ireland’s first and longest running hair and scalp clinic. The clinic is located on Dublin’s George’s Street and is well known by the iconic “Why Go Bald” neon sign which hangs on the side of the building.

“Mr WGB as we call him, is listed, so we restore him and keep him clean. I always think, ‘why is there no question mark!’ We need a neon question mark,” says Carol Johnson, consultant trichologist and owner of the clinic.

“The perception might be that we deal with male pattern baldness. However, it is a lot more.

“People’s hair is so intimate and so personal. Sometimes we work with people who have conditions including pulling out their own hair and we offer a very safe, specialised expertise in all the conditions we treat.

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