Can You Take Medications for Hair Loss?

Mar 15, 2022Hair Treatments

Hair loss is common and affects many men and women. One in three females and two out of three males experience this problem. For some, it’s genetic, and for others, it’s the result of illnesses, hairstyling products or practices and even stress. 

Regardless of the cause, hair loss is embarrassing for men and women. It affects their confidence and, consequently, their relationships. But the good news is that there are ways to address this problem. An effective treatment approach may involve using certain medications for hair loss

In this article, we will talk about important things you should know about hair loss medications. So, if you are experiencing hair thinning or balding, read on.

Taking Medications for Hair Loss – Part of the Solution

Yes, you read that right – you can take medications for hair loss. However, before you take them, you should talk to your hair and scalp specialist. Your trichologist or dermatologist will be able to tell you whether medications for hair loss would be a good choice for you. They will also discuss the risks and benefits of taking them.

Medications for hair growth can have side effects that are unpleasant or even dangerous. So, it is imperative that you consult a specialist before starting any medications for hair loss.

It should be noted that consultation is also necessary to determine if taking hair loss medications is the answer to your problem. Remember, alopecia can be due to a variety of things. Treatment is always dependent on the cause.

In cases wherein hair loss is due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, taking hair loss medications that stop hair fall or promote hair growth is often not necessary. What specialists will prescribe instead are supplements so your body’s vitamin or mineral level will be back to normal. 

To add, it is not unusual for medications to be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments or procedures. For example, you may also be asked to undergo laser therapy or make dietary changes while you take the medicines.

When Is Taking Medications for Hair Loss Recommended?

Often, alopecia medicines are part of the treatment plan for people who suffer from androgenetic alopecia – male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss. These hair loss treatments can slow down or prevent the progression of the disease, but they do not cure androgenetic alopecia.

Meanwhile, if you have scarring alopecia, treatment can stop the progression of your condition and prevent further damage to your hair follicles.

Currently, there are two clinically-proven hair loss medications – one slows down hair loss and the other promotes hair growth. They come in pill form or topical solution. 

Aside from these two highly effective medicines for androgenetic alopecia, other types of medications are also used to treat hair loss. For example, autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata can be treated with medications like steroids to prevent the immune system from attacking hair follicles. Steroids may be injected or applied topically to reduce inflammation and promote regrowth. 

Always Consult Experts First Before Trying Medications for Hair Loss

While alopecia medications may help, they are far from perfect. They may not work for everyone. They also won’t stop the progression of male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. Moreover, you’ll need to keep taking them indefinitely — without them, hair loss will resume.

With these facts in mind, it’s worth talking with your trichologist or dermatologist about medications for hair loss to know if they can help resolve your hair thinning or balding. It is also important that you continue to see your specialist (or go to your follow appointments) while you take the medicines, so they can properly monitor your response to them.

Suffice to say, medications for hair loss are not for everyone but may be worth trying. Remember, each person responds differently to these medicines. This is why it is important that a specialist oversees your treatment so adjustments can be made in your treatment plan.

Are medications for hair loss right for you? Talk to our experienced trichologist to find out what the best treatment is for your alopecia. Call us now on +353 (0)1 6793618 to schedule your consultation.

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