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Formula PLC – Liquid Hair Loss Preventer
June 5, 2020
Formula LPZ Hair & Scalp Cream
LPZ Hair & Scalp Cream
June 5, 2020
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Formula 2911 Scalp Cream


Formulated by a Consultant Trichologist. Nourishes dry, irritated, itchy scalps and promotes growth of healthy hair follicles.


Our Formula 2911 is designed to keep scalps healthy by overturning new skin cells and dissolving dead skin.  Ideal for very dry, scaly scalps.  Use regularly in conjunction with Coconut Strengthening Shampoo to maintain the natural lipid of your scalp and maintain healthy hair growth. 

Apply x 3 times per week to scalp and hair line.  Leave overnight and rinse with coconut strengthening shampoo.