Minoxiblock M (Male) Hair Loss Treatment 60ml


Formulated by a Consultant Trichologist. Hair Regrowth, Hair DHT blockers and Vasodilators combined into this powerful Anti Hair Loss treatment preventer for male pattern hair loss, balding men and stress related hair thinning.

Product Description

Treatment for male pattern hair loss and thinning hair caused by stress, age and genetics. Formulation targets hair loss and helps maximise hair growth using DHT inhibitors and vaso dilators which stimulate the hair bulb encouraging the hair shaft to grow thicker. Formulated for men who want to maintain normal healthy hair growth. Contains the active agents of DHT serona reopens, minoxidil and caffeine vasodilators for maximising hair growth.    

Regular use can prevent future hair thinning and hair loss. 

Apply 4 times per week to scalp and leave overnight for maximum results.  Follow with scalp cleanser once per week and coconut strengthening shampoo for frequent weekly washing.