Regaine for Women – Are There Better Hair Growth Treatments in Dublin?

Nov 19, 2022Hair Loss Conditions, Hair Treatments

Hair loss or alopecia is one of the most common problems that many people face. It affects a lot of women, not just in Dublin but all over the world. The leading cause of hair thinning in women is female pattern hair loss, which is said to be hereditary.

While alopecia is not life-threatening, it can lead to self-esteem and confidence issues. It also has a significant impact on sufferers’ social life. With the adverse effects of hair loss, it is not surprising that treating it is a priority for many women.

 If you’ve been searching for a product to treat hair loss, please know that Regaine is not your only option. There are better alternatives to this hair growth treatment, and we’ll discuss them further in this article.

The Problem With Many Hair Growth Treatments

 Before we talk about effective treatments for female pattern hair loss, let’s discuss the proliferation of hair growth products.

Various products said to promote hair growth are sold in Ireland. This is good because it means that people have several options. But there is also a downside to this – not all of them are effective.

You may have seen glowing reviews about them, but the truth is that some of these products don’t work. Worse, they even cause side effects such as rashes, skin irritation, and dry or flaky skin. Others end up making the problem worse, resulting in more hair fall.

So, you need to be critical when it comes to these hair growth products. Don’t easily fall for solutions heavily promoted online by so-called influencers.

Consult a Trichologist before trying any hair loss treatment. Nowadays, many people jump into the craze without talking to experts. This is a costly mistake, one you should avoid, as you might end up wasting your money and exacerbating your condition.

What Effective Hair Growth Treatments Are Available in Dublin?

If you are looking for a hair growth product better than Regaine, try Formula NM and Minoxiblock products. The Formula NM hair solutions are available in two variants – Formula NM + Hair Loss Liquid and Formula NM + Hair Growth Treatment Lotion. Meanwhile, Minoxiblock has formulations for male and female and is available in liquid/serum and cream form.

Formulated by a Trichologist, these products effectively treat female pattern hair loss, male pattern baldness, telogen effluvium, and other forms of alopecia. They stimulate hair growth and strengthen existing hair. With regular use, you can expect an increase in your hair density in 3 to 6 months.

Why are Formula NM and Minoxiblock products effective? It’s because one of their active ingredients is minoxidil.

In case you didn’t know, minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication used to treat hair loss and other hair loss-associated problems such as alopecia areata.

Minoxidil is proven most effective in treating hereditary hair loss – both female pattern hair loss and male pattern baldness. Experts still do not know how it exactly works, but many believe that this vasodilator stimulates the hair follicles and prolongs the anagen stage, the hair’s growth phase. Hair density and scalp coverage improve when many follicles are in this stage.

Aside from minoxidil, these hair loss solutions contain ingredients that promote hair growth, stop hair loss, maximise hair growth, and/or strengthen hair. For example, Minoxiblock contains DHT blocker Seroa Repens and vasodilator caffeine. Other ingredients included in these hair growth products are bergamot extract, Humulus lupulus, and red clover.

Depending on your case, Formula NM and Minoxiblock products may be used in conjunction with other hair loss solutions to achieve optimal results. For example, your Trichologist may recommend using them with coconut strengthening shampoo for better results.

What Can You Expect From Formula NM and Minoxiblock Products?

Given their efficacy, these products are definitely going to help you achieve your goal – have a full head of hair once more! You can also expect to have stronger and healthier strands.

It is worth mentioning that while these hair growth products are effective, they are not miracle cures for female pattern hair loss. They can help your hair grow faster, but it will still take time to see significant improvement. At the very least, you can expect noticeable hair growth in six months if you follow your Trichologist’s instructions to a tee.

Moreover, you should not stop using the product if you want to continue reaping its benefit. When you stop applying the medication, you will start losing hair again.

Where to Get Effective Hair Growth Treatments in Dublin?

Formula NM and Minoxiblock products are only available at the Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic, the trusted place in Dublin for hair loss treatment.

Please note that you should first schedule a consultation with a Trichologist before using these hair loss solutions. While Formula NM and Minoxiblock products are effective and safe, they should not be used without a proper diagnosis.

Keep in mind, each female pattern hair loss case is unique. Hence, a one-size-fits-all treatment approach won’t cut it. The treatment plan must be personalised to meet your specific needs and goals.

 The great news is that the Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic has experts who can accurately diagnose your hair loss condition. They can also design the right treatment plan for you, which may include Formula NM or Minoxiblock.

In conclusion, other effective hair growth treatments are available in Dublin. But the only way to determine if it is the right treatment for you is to consult a Trichologist so a proper diagnosis can be made. Knowing what is causing your hair loss is the first step in a successful treatment process.

So, instead of buying hair growth products that you see online, it’s best to schedule an appointment with a Trichologist first to know what treatment options suit your hair type, age, and hair loss condition. Additionally, a specialist will be able to provide you with products that are effective and safe for women.

Are you worried that you might be suffering from female pattern hair loss? Want to know if Formula NM or Minoxiblock is the right solution to your problem? Give us a call on +353 (0)1 679 3618 and schedule a consultation with our Trichologist to get started with the right hair growth treatment. Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic – trusted since 1960!

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