The Truth About At-Home Hair Loss Treatments

May 4, 2017Hair Treatments

Hair thinning or balding is not unusual in aging men and women. Yet, despite being a natural part of growing old, hair loss causes dread for many people. One reason for this is the persisting belief that having beautiful hair is necessary for one to be attractive.

The emotional and psychological impact of this condition can be devastating for both men and women. Over the years, however, society has been more accepting of men suffering from hair loss. Thanks to male celebrities who confidently donned their shaved heads, baldness, nowadays, is considered sexy and attractive. As for women, things remain unchanged which makes going through hair loss more difficult for them.

The stigma attached to hair loss is what drives many women like you to try out every available “cure” out there. Currently, there are various treatment options for this condition. On top of prescription drugs and clinical procedures, there are several home remedies present.

From herbal supplements to coffee shampoos and hair oils, these at-home treatments promise to cure hair loss. Are these really effective? Unfortunately, many of these home remedies fail to deliver the wanted results. For example, while dietary and herbal supplements help improve the hair health, they do not prevent hair thinning or baldness. Similarly, coffee shampoos do nothing more than keep the scalp clean. In some cases, instead of doing little or nothing at all to address the problem, these at-home hair loss treatments further worsened the condition.

Sadly, despite their ineffectiveness, you may still want to try these “miracle” remedies primarily because of their promise to deliver immediate result. However, you have to understand that there is no instant solution to hair loss. It is not like other medical conditions which go away after popping several pills. Results of trusted hair loss treatments such as topical creams or prescription drugs are seen after several months.

The accessibility of these quick fixes is another reason why you may consider using them. Just like most things these days, many of these hair loss home remedies may be purchased online. Being able to acquire them without going through medical consultations or check-ups, which many find tedious, further adds to the appeal of these treatments. The thing is, when it comes to hair loss, a successful treatment outcome requires accurately diagnosing its root cause. Naturally, proper diagnosis can only be done by a specialist. Hence, consultations are essential to achieve favourable results.

Lastly, you may be drawn in by the idea that going for these home treatments, which are generally cheap, could result in savings. This is not true at all! Given that they’re ineffective, choosing these options is a waste of money. Furthermore, it’s not cost-effective; with your condition still untreated, you are most likely going to seek other treatments until you find one that works. If this happens, you end up spending more in the long run.

With the aforementioned downsides of these at-home remedies for hair thinning or balding, it is clear that going for tried and tested treatments is the smart and logical choice for you. Meanwhile, if you desire to try out any home remedies for hair loss you find online, make sure you consult a specialist first. Doing this is the best way to ensure that the treatment is effective and not just some fad that could worsen your hair loss problem.

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