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June 30, 2019
What Are the Early Signs of Alopecia

What Are the Early Signs of Alopecia?

Both men and women are going to experience alopecia at some point in their life. Often, men go through it much earlier. For at least 20% […]
March 31, 2019

Is Female Hair Loss Reversible?

Everyone is going to experience hair loss at some point in their life. You know this and most women do as well. Yet, being aware of […]
February 13, 2019
Stop Hair Thinning Ireland

Causes of thinning hair and what you can do about it

Many of us will or have suffered with thinning hair at some stage in our lives. When it does happen, it can have a huge knock […]
August 6, 2018

Alopecia – What Treatments Are Available?

Alopecia or hair loss is not a disease. It is a natural condition which everyone is going to experience later on in life. This is because […]